Deals of Rent a bike in Kyoto

24h-rental service!

We have started a rental plan that can be used for 24hours on a single day price! Our bicycle rental shop is near Kyoto station, so it is convenient to go to your accomodation and return the bikes after check out.
※Please return the bicycle between 9:00 and 18:00. Please note that you cannot return bikes when the shop is closed.


Get travel advice and FREE detailed Kyoto map!

Need travel advice? No problem!
Our staff can speak English and we will give you a FREE detailed Kyto Map. Futhermore you can get FREE 500ml bottle of water! The Kyoto map has marks of bicycle parking and rules to ride bicycle in Kyoto, so it's very convenient!
500ml bottles of water are limited to custmer who booking by internet or telephone. We are waiting for you coming to the shop.

Kyoto map and 500ml water img

Parenting Support Discount!

How about making a lot of memories of your family with our bicycle?
costomers coming with kids will be able to rent kids bike (1,000yen) at a discounted price ¥800!
Also E-bike with child seat (2,300yen), you can rent at 2,000yen.
Make a reservation from the phone or reservation page!
reservation page.
(Please enter the heights of the children on the booking form【Remarks】)


  1. You can not hire just kids bikes.(Accepted with bicycle for adult only)
  2. For each bicycle for adults, up to 2 kids bike will be accepted.
  3. As there are limited number of the bicycles, reservation may not be accepted in some cases.

FREE raincort for rainy day

We will give you a reincort for free on a rainy day.
It's a little rain, it's okay if you have a raincort!
On rainy days you can enjoy Kyoto in a different view from sunny days!

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