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Why is Rental Bicycle the best way for Kyoto trip?

You can enjoy the sightseeing in Kyoto without having to worry about traffic jams, buses full of tourist season, complex transfers, and traffic congestion. Because city streets are like a grid, You will not get lost to get where You want to go. Ride the bicycles, You can enjoy Kyoto like you are locals. And you can find interesting spots for only you.


City bicycle C img

City Biycle C


City Cycle C is our recommended 3-speed 27" bike come with splash guards, an auto light for night time riding, bigger basket wich is great for holding souveniers and bags.

City bicycle D img

City Bicycle D


City Bicycle D is 7-speed bike like cross bike, which comes with splash guards, an auto light, basket whish is great for holding souveniers and bags.

Electric assisted bike img

Electric-assisted Bike


Nice 26" or 27" Panasonic electric-assisted bicycle comes with a high capacity battery. E-bikes are great for hills. Also this bike has a higher seat pole, great for taller customers.

kids bike img

Kids Bikes


Two types of Kinds bikes. sports type (height 120cm~) and city cycle type (height 125cm~) are available.

E-bike wiht childseat img

E-Bike with child seat.


Having fun Kyoto shightseeing with a child without tired.

Deals of Rent-a-Bike in Kyoto

Get travel advices and FREE detailed map!

Need travel advice? No ploblem!
Our staff can speak English and we will give you FREE detailed map.
Futhermore you can get FREE cotton gloves By your booking!

Other Deals

Parenting Support Discount

For customers comes with family, we offer discount kids bike type 1,000 yen to 800 yen!

Rainy day, Free Raincoat

If it is rain a little, You can enjoy trip by bicycle if you wear raincort.

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